PNP International Legal is a Bangkok based Thai legal and business consultancy firm serving clients from different parts of corporate world, whether be local or international clients, to implement their business concepts and ideas in Thailand. we thrive our own existence in the market by providing utmost customer care to our value client. Our legal team is well versed with Thai law and corporate legal system to tackle your hurdles for you to run your business smoothly without getting you headache to think what to do next. Our English-speaking advisor backed by well experience licensed Thai lawyer take care of your problem by giving you the right advice and long-term solution in accordance with Thai law. Let us take care of your problem to initiate enduring alliance between us.

Thailand’s corporate law is our forte. Whether be startups or acquisition for registration, PNP International Legal can assist you with utmost customer care for smooth processing and legal compliance of your company registration process and subsequent processes to follow upon your company incorporation.
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Once incorporated the company definitely will have to go through some changes over a period of time. All of changes or amendments has to be done following proper legal procedure. Let us guide you though smooth and quick processing.

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Our visa team mostly deals with foreigner and getting appropriate visa for you is our top most priority. We understand importance of your getting right visa status and maintaining it. Lets us take care of your appropriate visa application and extension, be it business visa , retirement, education, investment or dependent we provide complete service on consultation on your visa application and extension. Call us now….
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We take your legal matters seriously. You might have to apply for the business licenses in order for you to operate your business legally. Our qualified legal team can provide you necessary assistance to acquire necessary license.

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Our Services


Limited Company

Our company specializes in establishing safe and secure company structures for foreigners with their best interest. Our legal and customer care team have of more than a half a decade of combined experience in company registration and different aspects of Thai law for foreigners.

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US Treaty of Amty

The Treaty of Amity gives special rights and benefits to American citizens who wish to establish their businesses in Thailand and allows America citizens and businesses incorporated in the US, or in Thailand to maintain a majority shareholding or to wholly own a company in Thailand, and thereby engage in business on the same basis as would a Thai national.

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Thailand Work Permit

Are you thinking of working in Thailand, then you should definitely get work permit before you start working in Thailand? Our team of experts can definitely guide you through the process with proper documentation and hassle-free process.

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Board of Investment of Thailand

Board of Investment of Thailand Board of investment of Thailand aims to promote and attract valuable investment in Thailand to enhance Thailand’s global competitiveness and achieve sustainable growth in accordance with sufficiency economy philosophy. Thailand Board of Investment has introduced certain criteria for business projects who wishes to apply for incentives and privileges under specific prioritize activities or project.

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Business Visa

Whether you want to set your business establishment in Thailand and mange it or seek to be employed by an employer. In order to perform your company management job or your employment related duties you need to acquire Non-Immigrant Business visa first in order to be able to apply for work permit in Thailand.

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Marriage Registration

The good news about getting married in Thailand is rather straight forward and easy process whether be it marriage between Thai and foreign national or be it between two non-Thais. People of any nationality can get legally married in Thailand provided that all the requirement are met.

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